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  • Amber Rose - A painting that became Wearable Art

    When I painted 'Amber Rose', my 36x36 inch oil painting, little did I know that it would adorn dresses, leggings and cute skirts! Painting flowers ...
  • Be a Pink Song for the Future!

    Life is Art. It's a moment-by-moment adventure.
    Your edges, your funk and oddness, your imperfection is the greatness of you!
  • The Art of 'Drop-Shipping'

    Our online shop functions based on 'drop-shipping'.

    You might wonder, what is that?

  • The Art of Living

    Create your life as a work of art.

    Wanna know a few Secrets?

  • Tree of Life Creations

    When a painting becomes wearable art.... We celebrate!

    Our "Tree of Life" fringed drape can we worn in fifty thousand different ways! Drapes and shawl as well as scarves are a very elegant way of creating an outfit. 

  • Bettina about Silk Scarves by and for Magical Bodies

    Watch this video to see some of our Silk scarves (soon to come to the store) and our "Jungle Queen" Satin Charmeuse Square. Featured in the video:...
  • Our Dream? Inspire the World with Color!

    We create all kinds of Wearable Art!
    If you like color, if you're hungry to adding joyful accessories to your dressing style, you'll find a lot here with us!
  • Unicorns or Goaticorns? Come join the Fun!

    Be crazy, be wild, be joyful, be you! Our leggings give your body an amazingly colorful stretch and fit!