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The Art of 'Drop-Shipping'

Our online shop functions based on 'drop-shipping'.

You might wonder, what is that?

It is a new and wonderful way of processing orders and creating the items by order. Each of our items is 'custom-made' for you. You choose your product, size or any other variations in the product (i.e. the color of the waist band for our wrap-skirts), you place and pay for your items, and only then will we create them for you.

Here is a bit of background, from my end. When I started at looking into the ways of creating wearable art with my paintings I had a visual of large amounts of inventory shipping across the oceans, using up earth resources and being stored in warehouses waiting for the 'right order' as far as product and size go. I was appalled. This is not what I desired to create. While it was so joyful to create beautiful, art-inspired garments that can inspire joyful living on the planet, I did not wish to leave a huge carbon footprint. I envisioned the entire creation as light and unique. Mass-production is such an outdated model in my world....

I started looking around for other possibilities. If mass productions was the only way, I would not do it. I would just continue painting my original art and paint hand-painted silks. I would just go the 'One-of-a-kind'-Way. Period.

And, I knew something else was possible. When I found out about drop-shipping I got really excited! There was a way to create it! We can make the product by order! You see something that you love, and we make it for you, in your size!

What it requires is a bit of patience from our customers. Each size, each beanie hat, each T-shirt is a custom creation.

  • We print the fabric for you. Meaning: no waste of ink, fabric, energy. The fabric is not stored in warehouses. We make it 'fresh'.
  • We cut and sew the product for you. In North America. It truly is 'your' pair of leggings, made for you. It is not a mass-produced item
  • And we ship it to you, beautifully crafted with care.

In the current situation, everything takes a bit longer, as we work, globally, through the disruptions. I always have some inventory at hand and available for immediate shipping that you can purchase, of course. And, if it's not the right size or color variation, drop-shipping is our pathway.

The future of our planet is really important to me and to the team I'm creating with. We care for you, for our children and the Earth.

I truly hope you are enjoying "Magical Bodies" and our art-filled designs! If we don't judge our bodies, if we become free from judgment, the joy of embodiment can begin.

This is my target behind 'Magical Bodies'.

What greater future is possible, for all of us, everyone, every body and the earth?

I'm so grateful for you choosing 'Magical Bodies' Creations! And I thank you for your patience!

Without you, this dream of mine, to inspire Joyful Living on the earth with my creations, would not go anywhere but stay in my studio.

Thank you!