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Be a Pink Song for the Future!

Life is Art. It's a moment-by-moment adventure.
Your edges, your funk and oddness, your imperfection is the greatness of you!
Here are some tips:
Never shrink!
Keep expanding!
Be odd!
Be strange.
Be weird.
Be pink.
Be you.
Ignore judgment.
You are a symphony of possibility! When you are you you become a gift to the earth, to all creatures and to the future that would not be possible without you.
Magical Bodies is the space in the fashion world that is so different and unique, as we celebrate your uniqueness and we celebrate having a body! We don't judge bodies but embrace the one-of-a-kindness that each body is. We don't push you to wear what we offer but instead invite you to the joyful possibility of ease with creating your style with our wearables.
We are looking forward to meeting you in person one day. In the meantime, be you, be joyful, create!