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Tree of Life Creations

When a painting becomes wearable art.... We celebrate!

Our "Tree of Life" fringed drape can we worn in fifty thousand different ways!

Drapes and shawls as well as scarves are a very elegant way of creating an outfit. You can combine it with an endless variety of suits, dresses, skirts and trousers and leggings, be it elegant, casual or even swimwear. Drape it with pins and brooches, let your creativity flow.

Go to an antique store, art fair or vintage store and find that butterfly pin or silk brooch... Make a knot, throw it over one shoulder, enjoy your walk, with the fringes caressing your body!

The range of colors covers everything from deep greens and indigo's, earth tones, blue and aqua, yellow and pink. Even purple found it's way into the design. Oh, the mother of this design, the painting with the title "Tree of Life Creation", was so generous with it's vibrant colors and tones.

You don't need to live in the tropics to wear it. It's timeless and charming. Wear it on top of a black dress and spice it up with jewelry, a head-dress or silk cuffs. I mean, really, there's no limit but the one we create as limit.

What if it's great to have a physical body? And how much fun can you have with it, no matter what shape or size?

And if you're looking for custom creations, these one-of-a-kind beauties exclusively made for you, it's possible.

Contact us at support@magicalbodies.com.

More 'Tree of Life' Wearables:

Capris (left) and Leggings (right):


Bodycon style (above) and Flare style (below)