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Amber Rose - A painting that became Wearable Art

When I painted 'Amber Rose', my 36x36 inch oil painting, little did I know that it would adorn dresses, leggings and cute skirts! Painting flowers is such a joy to me!

They actually invite me, to paint them! I have a beautiful flower garden that I have grown for almost 20 years now, and I still recall the first day when I looked at the flower pot in my hand, a Coreopsis Zamphir, wondering whether it would grow in the sandy soil. There was no garden, and I had just started my life over, in a totally different climate, with no gardening experience but my innate knowing and my grandmothers teachings from early childhood. Well, Coreopsis made it well and it still growing in my garden, surrounded by so many others that joined later, pot by pot by pot.

At times, you will see me standing in the midst of flowers, with a little flower pot in my hand, standing there for some time, until I receive the answer where exactly the newbie wants to be planted! Oh the joy of flower beings!

'Amber Rose' was a proud, beautiful rose, and I chose to really dive into the way the petals were wrapping themselves around each other and fill the entire canvas with the rose's beauty.

At first, I created the body con dress. And customers asked me 'Do you have leggings, too?', and I went to my graphic design tool and created the design for the leggings. The beanie hat and the wrap skirt followed.

Make them yours, meaning style them your way! Add them to your wardrobe and create with them, whether elegant, casual, gothic, fairy, artsy, business or whatever style you can dream up!

And here's my closing word: Dream! Dream big! Dream bigger than ever before! This is what I would like to contribute to this world and to YOU!


Amber Rose body con Dress