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'Silver Forest' silk drape exquisite hand-painted by Bettina Madini for 'Magical Bodies'
'Silver Forest' still stretched on the frame that I use to paint my silks... It is done and ready for the world.

Silver Forest - a hand-painted shoulder drape made of silk

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For the Stardust-Goddess! For the Moon-Dancers! For the Earth-Lovers!

This is a printed silk, meaning one of my original silk paintings reproduced/printed onto silk. I hand-painted it over with silk paint and added metallic accents. This is a one-of-a-kind garment.

If you look closer at the painting you might discover areas that shimmer metallic. The picture might not show entire areas overlaid with delicate metallic layers that seem like 'stardust'.

The name is "Silver Forest", and it is based on the original painting titled "Emerald Forest". Printed on amazingly soft Silk Charmeuse, I added additional layers of paint and details on top of the print. Sun or moon, stars and galaxies, down to the earth. Dragonflies and flowers. Teals, grey blue, sunset aqua, silver green and moonlit crystals, seeds for future, golden roots and glowing earth, magenta, turquoise, indigo, bronze.... with silver and golden accents. It is a one-of-a-kind artwork and hand-signed by me.

Dimensions: 69" length, 15" wide

I wonder what is there for you to receive? What gift from the earth is waiting for you?

There is a magic in silk that I have just begun to fathom. Winged creatures spin the material that composes this fiber, and it so light and delicate and also so strong and 'warming'. I wonder, what gift will it be, to YOU or someone special?